The idea for Maybebags was triggered by an observation we made on the London Underground: a lot of people have an expensive handbag that holds the daily essentials, but use a secondary, less stylish bag to carry anything from the extra pair of shoes to the gym kit or books and paperwork. We saw an opportunity for a functional yet beautiful everyday bag that is useful in many scenarios: from the daily commute to shopping and holidays, or just crumpled up in your main bag, waiting to be used in one of these “maybe” situations.


Maybebags are made of Tyvek® by DuPont™, an extremely light hi-tech material that gives the bags a delicate paper-like appearance. The first collection consists of a shoulder bag and a tote bag. Both styles are available in black, gold, grey and white. All bags are reversible and washable at 30 degrees. Maybebags are sold folded in a paper sleeve measuring 13 x 22 cm. A bag (including packaging) weighs no more than 90 grams and can be sent as letter, making it an ideal present.


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